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Soliton Systems Invests in LookingGlass Threat Intelligence Solutions Ahead of International Sporting Events

Partners Collaborate to Mitigate Risks Posed by Increased Phishing, Malicious URLs

RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LookingGlass Cyber Solutions™, a leader in threat intelligence-driven security, today announced that Soliton Systems, a Japanese technology company, has invested significantly in innovative security platforms developed by LookingGlass. scoutVision™ and scoutSHIELD™ will be implemented into Soliton’s state-of-the-art Solution Center and will be used to combat the ever-increasing volume of cyber threats that have, and continue to surface leading up to the Japanese-hosted 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“Cybersecurity threats by nation-states and other nefarious actors are continuously increasing in both scale and sophistication,” said Chris Coleman, CEO from LookingGlass. “This is especially the case surrounding events that draw international attendance. We are honored to partner with Soliton and support them in enhancing Japan’s cybersecurity posture prior to the Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Olympics.”

Leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games, attackers deployed targeted campaigns designed to steal account credentials of International Olympic Committee officials working in Brazil. It was also reported that the volume of malicious and phishing domain names and URLs increased significantly prior to the Opening Ceremony. As the future host of two international sporting events, Japan has pledged to strengthen their country’s threat defenses to keep teams, attendees, and citizens secure. Soliton is one of the companies supporting this pledge by deploying cutting edge cybersecurity tools and solutions.

Soliton will leverage some of the most innovative and trusted cybersecurity technology solutions on the market to stay ahead of impending threats. LookingGlass’ ScoutVision will provide early detection and warning of cyber threats, ultimately allowing analysts to deliver both strategic and tactical guidance to swiftly disable cyber attacks. This technology will integrate with the scoutSHIELD Threat Intelligence Gateway to identify and stop known phishing URLs and malicious URLs. Together, the solutions will support Soliton in operationalizing threat intelligence.

“We look forward to working with LookingGlass to further protect our customers, and our country, from external cyber threats,” said Soliton Systems CEO and Founder, Dr. Nobuo Kamata. “We trust that when we combine LookingGlass’ advanced capabilities, with our own endpoint detection and response product InfoTrace II for Cyber and our dedicated security expertise, we will have the necessary expertise and capabilities to defend against cyber events ranging from single system compromises to enterprise wide intrusions.”

Soliton and LookingGlass will cooperate to launch a Cyber Threat Center in Tokyo, which is a threat intelligence platform that monitors, manages, and reports on identified threats to organizations. The platform streamlines the collection of threat information from unstructured sources, such as social media and the deep and dark web.

In addition to this collaboration, Soliton will become a member of the LookingGlass Cyber Guardian Network Partner Program which will provide investment protection, sales enablement, and responsiveness to the company. In 2017, the Cyber Guardian Network received a 5-Star rating in CRN’s 2017 Partner Program Guide, which places LookingGlass in an elite subset of companies that offer solution providers the best partnering elements in their channel programs.

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