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LookingGlass Threat Intelligence-Driven Perspectives Featuring Gartner’s “Addressing the Cyber Kill Chain” Report

The Report Examines How Today’s Common Security Architectures Are Not Addressing the Complete Cyber Kill Chain and Offers Insights to Help Security Teams

Reston, VA – September 14, 2016—LookingGlass® Cyber Solutions (“LookingGlass”), the leader in threat intelligence and dynamic threat defense, has released a new report featuring Gartner research which helps to identify methods that aid in moving security organizations to a more informed state of proactive security and risk operations. The Gartner “Addressing the Cyber Kill Chain” report and LookingGlass perspectives on leveraging threat intelligence across the cyber kill chain assembles insight from proven research on how an attack lifecycle is executed and how, throughout that lifecycle, there is opportunity to detect, prevent and mitigate the attack.

“Instead of continuing to invest predominantly in defending an organization’s perimeter, a more effective approach balances detection, response and a level of prediction throughout the entire environment… At a high level, you must identify how you can detect, deny, disrupt and recover at each phase of the kill chain.” – Gartner “Addressing the Cyber Kill Chain”, April 2016 research report

The Cyber Kill Chain (CKC) model illustrates a common cycle of methods to infiltrate an organization. This research provides IT security leaders with the ability to align security programs to adversaries thus improving their ability to respond to threats. By focusing on the perimeter of information security, organizations have left gaps in their lines of defense. Outlining a defense strategy to the CKC model shows how organizations can detect and expel threats throughout infiltration.

“At the core, the real value of using threat intelligence is that it helps organizations understand and take action on threats that are prioritized and relevant to their specific organizations in a proactive, efficient and effective way,” says Chris Coleman, CEO, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions.

The LookingGlass section focused on Operationalizing Threat Intelligence for Dynamic Defense showcases the ways in which threat intelligence can be applied to a real world setting to help organizations improve their ability respond to threats by addressing them throughout the cyber threat lifecycle.

In the digital world, attacks are often interconnected, layered to begin with simple vulnerabilities and progressing to the ultimate target. By looking at external risks, threats and activity on a broad scale as well as down to its elements, LookingGlass provides a network centered view of the entire global Internet with Internet Intelligence providing unique context to threats. By adding threat intelligence solutions, security teams can more easily prevent, detect, understand and respond to internal and external threats prioritized and relevant to their organization.

About LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions delivers comprehensive threat intelligence-driven security through a scalable solution portfolio of machine readable threat intelligence (MRTI), threat intelligence management platform with 140+ data sources transformed into global Internet and threat intelligence, network-based threat mitigation, and threat intelligence services. By addressing risks across structured Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), unstructured and open source data (OSINT), and internal network telemetry, customers gain unprecedented understanding into threats that may impact their business including cyber, physical assets, and third party partners. Prioritized, relevant and timely insights enable customers to operationalize threat intelligence in an effective and efficient way throughout the threat lifecycle. For more info:


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