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LookingGlass® scoutPRIME® Becomes First Threat Intelligence Platform Compliant with STIX 2.0

CTO Allan Thomson joins OASIS CTI Interoperability Subcommittee

Reston, Va. – February 28, 2017 – LookingGlass® Cyber Solutions, a leader in threat intelligence driven security, today announced that its scoutPRIME® platform has successfully become the first Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) to implement the newly emerging STIX 2.0 standard. The Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX) language is an emerging standard designed to help facilitate the sharing of threat intelligence using open standards.

Although the sharing of threat intelligence data has been identified as one of the foundational requirements needed to enable the rapid discovery of new and emerging cyber-threats, it has traditionally been an area that most organizations find difficult to adopt. Too many TIPs are designed using proprietary protocols, which makes quickly sharing information with industry or organizational partners challenging. To compensate, most industries are now backing open standards such as STIX to enable information sharing and reduce their risk.

By becoming the first company with a STIX 2.0 compliant product, LookingGlass is affirming its commitment to providing mature cybersecurity standards coupled with the ability to share information with partners and the worldwide community. scoutPRIME enables third-party risk monitors, security operations centers and threat researchers to use advanced threat scoring to make better decisions leveraging actionable threat intelligence and customizable dashboards. With STIX 2.0, users can then share collected threat data with colleagues within their sector, across industries or with other organizations using this open standard – and easily receive new information collected and analyzed by those same outside partners.

“The key to success for interoperable products is a marketplace where end users and customers can deploy STIX 2.0 products without significant additional development to integrate those products together,” said LookingGlass Chief Technology Officer Allan Thomson. “Any interoperability program requires active participation from vendors to ensure that their products can work with others out of the box.”

Further demonstrating its commitment to open standards threat sharing, CTO Thomson is an active member of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) Cyber Threat Intelligence Technical Committee and co-chairs the Interoperability Subcommittee. Thomson has been actively engaged in the community effort to define STIX 2.0 and TAXII 2.0 (Trusted Automated Exchange of Indicator Information).

“The Interoperability Subcommittee will start with a pragmatic approach to focus on core use cases that require mandatory support and behaviors across the majority of products supporting the STIX 2.0 and TAXII 2.0 standards,” Thomson said. “Upon successful adoption and validation, the committee will focus on additional optional STIX 2.0 features and behaviors that are required.”

LookingGlass firmly believes in open standards and threat sharing. Being the first to implement STIX 2.0 standards in its scoutPRIME TIP and joining the leadership of OASIS to help further define open standards, demonstrates this commitment. LookingGlass wants to enable everyone to share threat intelligence information to help reduce their risks without getting locked into a single vendor. As STIX continues to evolve and advance, LookingGlass will be at the forefront to adopt, integrate and institute as new standards are published.

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