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LookingGlass® Launches scoutSHIELD™ a Zero-Touch Threat Intelligence Gateway

RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LookingGlass® Cyber Solutions, a leader in threat intelligence driven security, today announced the commercial availability of the LookingGlass scoutSHIELD™ Threat Intelligence Gateway, an automated, high assurance, zero-touch, security appliance purposefully designed to operationalize threat intelligence into an organization’s network.

“An organization’s attack surface is continuously expanding from the time a security analyst identifies a high confidence threat to when security operations can address that threat. scoutSHIELD shortens that response time enabling security teams to work in real-time to minimize the attack surface,” said A.J. Shipley, LookingGlass Vice President of Product.

scoutSHIELD delivers malware and phishing protection with a demonstrated accuracy of over 99.99 percent. Additionally, the appliance quarantines already-compromised devices, preventing them from contacting their Command & Control server, and alerts the organization of the infection as soon as it is identified. This allows the organization to remove the infection before malicious tasking information is received, data is compromised, or further lateral movement occurs.

Unlike a firewall, scoutSHIELD has an implicit allow-all, so security analysts can deploy full path URL rulesets with surgical precision thereby limiting the mitigation action to specific hosts and applications without negatively impacting other users on the network. The LookingGlass Threat Intelligence Gateway drives down operating costs as security teams are no longer required to maintain long-term firewall rules for ephemeral threats.

“Strong security depends on quickly turning threat intelligence warnings into remediation actions,” said Jon Oltsik, ESG senior principal analyst. “Real-time remediation automation can not only bolster cybersecurity defenses but also streamline security and network operations.”

scoutSHIELD can also be fully integrated with the LookingGlass Scout threat intelligence platforms. With a Scout platform, security teams can tailor threat intelligence to match their organization’s security posture.

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LookingGlass Cyber Solutions delivers unified threat protection against sophisticated cyber attacks to global enterprises and government agencies by operationalizing threat intelligence across its end-to-end portfolio. Scalable threat intelligence platforms and network-based threat response products consume our machine-readable data feeds to provide comprehensive threat-driven security. Augmenting the solutions portfolio is a worldwide team of security analysts who continuously enrich our data feeds and provide customers unprecedented understanding and response capability into cyber, physical and 3rd party risks. Prioritized, relevant and timely insights enable customers to take action on threat intelligence across the different stages of the attack life cycle. Learn more at


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