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LookingGlass Cyber Solutions Software Platform Proactively Manages Third Party Cyber Risks to Business Data and Operations

scoutPRIME® Capability Delivers Continuous Monitoring and Real-Time Discovery of Elevated Breach Risks, Helping Decision-Makers Take Action and Manage Their Expanded Cyber Attack Surface


RESTON, VA — October 30, 2018 – LookingGlass® Cyber Solutions, a leader in threat intelligence-driven security, today announced the general availability of its advanced Third Party Risk Monitoring offering. Built on the powerful scoutPRIME platform, the LookingGlass® subscription service offering leverages the industry’s most comprehensive threat data along with a team of expert security and intelligence analysts to mitigate risks, provide continuous visibility into potential vendor exposure, and significantly reduce time to action with negligible false positives.

Beyond the digitized walls of every company is a world of vendors, suppliers, providers, and subsidiaries, all connected to a company’s network or data and each with the potential access to publicly expose customer information, intellectual property, or heavily regulated data. Without continuous insight into these broader networks and data relationships, businesses risk leaving an enormous portion of their attack surface unmonitored and unchecked, undermining their ability to pinpoint or remediate third party security weaknesses and avoid costly data breaches. And while more than 60 percent of companies admit they know where third party risks are most likely to arise, they acknowledge they struggle to detect them.[1]

The LookingGlass Third Party Risk Monitoring service delivers more than static scorecards or access to infrequently updated data bases. Using LookingGlass’ unique global Internet topology, the service quickly identifies third party network elements and assets to deliver 24x7x365 real-time notifications of compromises, vulnerabilities, and network breaches. LookingGlass’ experienced security analysts then review identified cyber threats for relevance, minimizing the likelihood of false positives. Designed for flexibility and scale, customers can monitor up to 5,000 third parties across over a dozen unique categories of cyber risk, obtaining a comprehensive view into vulnerabilities, breaches, open ports, misconfigured certifications and other evidence of a potential system risk or compromise. Users can also add, delete, or query any vendor at any time and, with built-in reporting, can collect and report metrics to company leaders to promote security visibility across the organization, all at an effective price point.

“When it comes to risk, companies have more than just their own perimeters to consider. Every new or existing vendor increases the possibility for exposure that could lead to a breach and impact revenue, brand, and reputation,” said Eric Olson, senior vice president of product at LookingGlass Cyber Solutions. “Changing regulations that require organizations to demonstrate effective identification and management of third party relationships and associated cyber risk add even more layers of complexity to the already time-consuming task of keeping networks secure from a constant barrage of evolving inbound threats. Our Third Party Risk Monitoring service empowers security teams to effectively manage their company’s security posture by delivering the efficient, reliable analysis essential to making strategic, proactive risk management decisions.”

The LookingGlass Third Party Risk Monitoring service can be delivered as a shared or hosted service via LookingGlass or select partners in the company’s worldwide Cyber Guardian Network™. It includes round-the-clock support along with on-boarding and provisioning. In addition to continuous monitoring of third parties, it also performs perpetual scanning of the surface, social, deep, and dark web for both structured and unstructured data, including phishing activity, compromised account credentials, and vulnerabilities in vendor products.

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About LookingGlass

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions delivers unified threat protection against sophisticated cyber attacks to global enterprises and government agencies by operationalizing threat intelligence across its end-to-end portfolio. Scalable threat intelligence platforms and network-based threat response products consume our machine-readable data feeds to provide comprehensive threat-driven security. Augmenting the solutions portfolio is a worldwide team of security analysts who continuously enrich our data feeds and provide customers unprecedented understanding and response capability into cyber, physical and 3rd party risks. Prioritized, relevant and timely insights enable customers to take action on threat intelligence across the different stages of the attack life cycle. Learn more at



Christy Pittman
W2 Communications for LookingGlass

[1] Third Party Risk: Exposing the Gaps. Thomson Reuters, 2016,

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