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LookingGlass Cyber Solutions and Brookcourt Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

Global Technology Firms Deliver Unified Threat Protection Against Sophisticated Attacks

RESTON, Va. & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LookingGlass® Cyber Solutions, leader in threat intelligence-driven security, today announced its partnership with Brookcourt Solutions, an organization committed to the strategic implementation of next generation cybersecurity and networking technologies. Together, these global technology firms will enhance the client experience by merging their technologies and services in a cohesive manner with the goal of providing clients with actionable threat intelligence and manageable responses in a chaotic cybersecurity landscape.

“It is my pleasure to announce our partnership with LookingGlass,” said Brookcourt Solutions CEO, Phil Higgins. “LookingGlass is known for its comprehensive portfolio of solutions addressing cyber risk, and partnering with them offers strong support for our cyber surveillance business. Together we will ensure global businesses stay safe, confident, and empowered in their cybersecurity.”

Brookcourt Solutions and LookingGlass’ partnership helps security teams struggling to keep up with the exponential increase of digital data, constant expansion of network perimeters, and non-stop morphing of physical and cyber threats that are converging with IoT devices. Global enterprises with overworked teams, limited budget, and senior leaders who are not equipped to understand the threats and obstacles that their organizations face on a daily basis can rely on Brookcourt Solutions and LookingGlass’ technologies to protect their organizations from sophisticated cyber attacks at any stage of the attack lifecycle.

The partnership between Brookcourt Solutions and LookingGlass will assure that global enterprises are provided with unified threat protection against sophisticated cyberattacks. LookingGlass’ 360-degree portfolio of threat intelligence solutions, including threat collection, assessment, and response-and-mitigation are scalable to fit any size organization, or level of security operations maturity. Brookcourt Solutions will ensure that once these technologies and solutions are implemented in an organization’s environment, all are working in collaboration and threat intelligence teams and security operators are able to easily exchange information for maximum effectiveness.

In addition to joint sales enablement, Brookcourt Solutions will join the LookingGlass Cyber Guardian Network, a distinctive program that provides its members with investment protection, sales enablement, and responsiveness, while guaranteeing access to the best tools possible to execute sales and differentiate themselves in advanced cybersecurity offerings.

“We are thrilled to partner with Brookcourt Solutions and include them in our Cyber Guardian Network,” said Laurie Potratz, LookingGlass Vice President of Global Channels and Alliances. “Brookcourt Solutions’ understanding of strategic implementation of next generation cybersecurity technologies complements our portfolio of threat intelligence solutions. We are confident that we will be able to provide customers with unparalleled protection by implementing actionable threat intelligence solutions to combat cybersecurity threats around the globe.”

About Brookcourt Solutions

Brookcourt Solutions implement the latest technology into all business sectors. Our clients (FT500) buy from us because we manage the entire process for them. We provide the strategic implementation of next generation Cyber Security and networking technologies to assure and secure your business in an advanced threat landscape. Our strategic, service led approach to building long term and trusted relationships is at the heart of what we do. We take care of the entire project lifecycle from scoping and designing the solution, to supply, integration and crucially, support and managed services. Our technologies and solutions work in collaboration across differing business areas.

Whether you wish to monitor, aggregate or secure traffic, our solutions will help you to reduce risk, optimize performance and increase visibility, resulting in a more secure and efficient network. We’re an award-winning organisation; committed to providing independently sourced, leading edge protective technology and network security services. Working together to ensure your organisation stays safe, confident and empowered in today’s challenging Cyber Security and networking environment.

About LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions delivers unified threat protection against sophisticated cyber attacks to global enterprises and government agencies by operationalizing threat intelligence across its end-to-end portfolio. Scalable threat intelligence platforms and network-based threat response products consume our machine-readable data feeds to provide comprehensive threat-driven security. Augmenting the solutions portfolio is a worldwide team of security analysts who continuously enrich our data feeds and provide customers unprecedented understanding and response capability into cyber, physical and 3rd party risks. Prioritized, relevant and timely insights enable customers to take action on threat intelligence across the different stages of the attack life cycle.


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