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LookingGlass Announces Acquisition of Kleissner and Associates

LookingGlass® Announces Acquisition of Kleissner and Associates

Leader in global botnet monitoring enhances LookingGlass’ comprehensive threat intelligence capabilities and opens up new market opportunities

ARLINGTON, VA – July 21, 2015 – LookingGlass Cyber Solutions today announced the acquisition of Kleissner and Associates, the leading provider in global botnet monitoring. This transaction strengthens LookingGlass’ overall threat intelligence capabilities which adds a strategic technology offering for customers and opens up new avenues for continued growth. This move comes on the heels of the company’s recent CloudShield acquisition and $20 million Series B Funding. LookingGlass was advised by ARC Securities on the acquisition of Kleissner and Associates.

“We have had a strong working relationship with Kleissner and Associates for the past couple of years, and this acquisition will allow the combined company to deliver new and innovative services to our current customers,” said Chris Coleman, CEO of LookingGlass. “Furthermore, this opens up opportunities for LookingGlass to expand our threat intelligence services to underserved down market customers.”

Kleissner and Associates is the leader in global botnet monitoring detecting over 3 million global infections daily through its Virus Tracker™. LookingGlass acquired Kleissner and Associates in accordance with the overall long-term business strategy and based on the strategic importance of this information to LookingGlass customers and prospective clients. Additionally, this acquisition will serve as a beachhead in delivering threat intelligence services to the underserved medium and small business markets.

The changing cyber security landscape continues to challenge organizations with more sophisticated attacks and specialized adversaries every day. The acquisition of Kleissner and Associates further advances LookingGlass from the competition and aligns with the company’s overall long term business strategy – delivering the industry’s most innovative threat intelligence available.

LookingGlass is the world leader in threat intelligence management. The combination of the LookingGlass (ScoutVision), CloudShield (CloudShield) and Kleissner and Associates (Virus Tracker) product lines will enable LookingGlass to deliver on the vision of Dynamic Threat Defense. For more information on LookingGlass solutions, visit:

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LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, the leader in threat intelligence that transforms security operations, empowers confident real-time decisions through focused verified multi-source information. We provide a unique lens to information customers may already have, creating active intelligence for effective decisions. LookingGlass is transforming the art of threat intelligence with innovative technology that empowers customers with complete and relevant risk information, delivering confidence, streamlining workflows and dramatically driving efficiencies. The LookingGlass threat intelligence management system delivers content, context and confidence in risk and security operations decision support. This platform increases visibility within and beyond the network perimeter, enabling customers to continuously assess and mitigate threats. For more information, visit


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