Washington’s Cyber Reckoning

“The Cipher Brief tapped…industry leaders for their perspective on what the latest breach [SolarWinds] means, how it could force a faster path to information sharing between the public and private sectors, and how it changes the national security game moving forward.”

Gilman Louie, CEO and Chairman of LookingGlass, was quoted alongside multiple industry experts, including Sue Gordon, Glenn Gerstell, and Dmitri Alperovitch.

Louie notes, “We know rebuilding the networks for the U.S. government will cost a significant amount of money. The bigger question, and one that will be far more costly, is what’s the cost and impact for the IT supply chain? The truth is, as of today, this is a ‘billions of dollars’ problem that extends far past the U.S. government’s networks. This will take years.”

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