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In this year’s survey, SANS concluded that while threat intelligence use, data collection and visibility are getting better, there are still challenges using the data effectively and it’s compounded by critical shortages of skilled professionals.

The survey also showed that automation use year over year has decreased dramatically from 25% last year to 10% this year. SANS concludes that “organizations can increase the effectiveness of their analytics and intelligence programs by automating analytics and intelligence processes”.

LookingGlass believes that by leveraging the scalability of threat intelligence platforms to process vast amounts of threat information, organizations can get the most out of their threat intelligence and help skilled professionals make better informed and more timely security decisions.

LookingGlass solutions are based upon using fast, highly scalable technology to collect, automate and prioritize vast amounts of threat and internet intelligence for you. It’s time to expect more than “slow and steady progress” as indicated by this year’s survey results.

LookingGlass is a sponsor of the SANS Analytics and Intelligence Survey, webcasts, and white paper published in November 2015.

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