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Introduction to Cyber Threat Intelligence: What Can It Do for You?

A Forbes article on a survey of security decision makers found that, on average, threat intelligence programs saved organizations $8.8 million....

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How Ghost Army Tactics Can Help Federal Agencies Win the War on Hackers

During World War II, the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops achieved elite force status. But its members weren’t recruited for their combat skills....

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10 Hottest Threat Intelligence Platforms In 2019

How companies like LookingGlass, Cisco, CrowdStrike, and FireEye use threat data to protect businesses from ransomware, botnets, and zero-day attacks....

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Cyber specialists will be watching – and learning from – Ukraine’s election

From power outages to the crippling NotPetya wiper worm, Ukraine has been ground zero for disruptive cyber-operations linked to Russia in recent years....

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Dark Reading

Everything I Needed to Know About Third-Party Risk Management, I Learned from Meet the Parents

56% of organizations have experienced a data breach caused by a third-party vendor, 42% suffered a data breach caused by one of their third parties....

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Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Vast Exposure of Supply Chain Risk

In this article, the Supply & Demand Chain Executive editorial team examines areas of supply chain risk, their potential impact and mitigation strategies....

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LookingGlass Digital Anarchist

LookingGlass Speaks With DevOps’ Alan Shimel

LookingGlass’ Senior Director of Threat Analysis and Intelligence, Olga Polishchuk, and’s Editor-in-Chief, Alan Shimel discuss LookingGlass....

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LookingGlass Cybertacos Spotlight

Cybertacos Spotlight – LookingGlass

Filmed prior to the RSA Conference Cybertacos event on March 4, 2019, Christine Blake interviews Olga Polishchuk from LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, Inc....

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Security Management

The Cost of a Connection

LookingGlass Vice President, Customer Support Group, discusses why social media and in particular, LinkedIn is especially attractive for social engineering...

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North Korea could accelerate commercial espionage to meet Kim’s economic deadline

North Korea-linked hackers have shown no limits in what they will target – from a Hollywood entertainment company to a Bangladeshi bank....

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