Join LookingGlass and qualified, dedicated, and engaged information security practitioners from around the world at SecureWorld Dallas this October. LookingGlass cybersecurity experts will be exhibiting. Stop by our booth #530 to get a demo tailored to your security needs.

LookingGlass VP, Customer Support Group James Carnall will be taking part in an Emerging Threats Panel:

Building a Better Mouse Trap

To be successful, as an industry, we must strive to get ahead of the bad guys. Easy enough to say but how? By taking a look at the capabilities of the threats we see today we should be able to make some educated guesses on what threats of tomorrow will look like. We know the bad guys don’t follow the rules, take the path of least resistance, and don’t care who they hurt in the process. We need to start thinking like them so that we can figure out what their next step is instead of guessing/hoping.

To learn more about the Panel and LookingGlass VP of Customer Support Group, click here.

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