LookingGlass Will Be At THOTCON 0x9!

Threat researcher Marcelle Lee will make her way to Chicago for THOTCON, May 4-5, 2018, to present at the ninth incarnation of the hacking conference. The event, held at a top-secret location known only to speakers and attendees, is touted as one of the best information security conferences in the world that combines a uniquely casual and social experience.

What: THOTCON 0x9 – Chicago’s Hacking Conference

When: May 4th & 5th, 2018

Where: TOP_SECRET (no joke!) / совершенно секретно / 絕密

Event Info:

Marcelle Lee: “Detecting Evil with Network Traffic Analysis”

Abstract: Network traffic analysis is pretty awesome and can provide a wealth of forensic information. This hands-on workshop starts with a quick overview of the the basics of how traffic flows and progresses to file carving and other advanced activities. I build my own packet captures to demonstrate a variety of protocols and network activity, both benign and malicious. Participants only need their laptop, Wireshark, and packet captures that will be provided via a Google Drive link. For those without devices, there is still value in watching the walk-throughs. I have given similar workshops in the past but always have new captures to keep it fresh.


About the Speakers

  • Marcelle Lee

    Marcelle Lee
    Threat Researcher, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

    Marcelle has a fancy bio but mostly wants you to know that she loves analysis and spends most of her time in shiny cyber rabbit holes.