Seasoned executives address multiple key tactics which drive success.

Moderator : Larry Davis, Partner, Aronson Capital Partners;


There are many paths to growth, and high performing companies take more than one.   Growth can be a cure all  for most companies. It attracts talent and creates strategic options while generating financial resources to fund new investment—provided the growth is profitable.   It’s also been harder to come by over the past decade, as a sluggish economic environment and the accelerating pace of disruptive technology  have increased pressure on businesses.  So with these dynamics I would like to engage our panel in a discussion around growth.

How do you build a mind-set for growth?

How important is alignment of the whole organization on the subject of growth and how do you go about getting the whole organization aligned around that agenda?

How important is innovation as an element of growth?

With that I would first ask that each of our panelists introduce themselves and tell us a little about their company: Chris, Guy, John, Reid, and Barbara

About the Speakers

  • Chris Coleman, Chief Executive Officer

    Chris Coleman
    CEO, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

  • Guy Filippelli, Founder & CEO, RedOwl

    Guy Filippelli
    Founder & CEO, RedOwl (acquired by Forcepoint)

  • generic-headshot

    John Harllee
    Managing Director, Accenture Federal Services

  • Reid Jackson, President and CEO, Compusearch

    Reid Jackson
    Compusearch, President and CEO

  • Barbara Humpton, CEO, Siemens Gov’t Services

    Barbara Humpton
    Siemens Gov’t Services, CEO