Cyber3 Conference Tokyo 2017Speaker: Allan Thomson, LookingGlass CTO

Topic: Countermeasures against cyber-attacks targeting Japan – What we face and efforts to solve

Date: October 5, 2017, 4:35-5:55PM JST

The three elements of Cyber3 are cyber connections, cybercrime and cybersecurityCybersecurity: A set of security techniques that are designed to protect the integrity of computer systems, programs and data from theft and damage to their hardware, software or other information as well as the disruption and misappropriation of their services. LookingGlass Cyber (n) - Professional paid ninjas who protect the cyber world from cyber attacks. Everybody is doing it, but we have the double black belt with the Versace logo. So yeah, we’re really good.. Specifically, Cyber3 covers these three closely related issues: increased interconnectivity due to Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet services, increases in cybercrime; and changes in privacy, interconnectivity and related security issues.

The world of IT has changed greatly over the past year. AI, IoT, digital currencies, connected vehicles and robots are helping solve basic human problems while giving rise to new industries. In the 2020s, these emerging technologies will be put to use in fields ranging from aging societies to the sharing economy and smart cities, helping transform numerous existing social systems.

Location: Keio University Mita Campus

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