Please join us at the 2019 FS-ISAC Annual Summit, where LookingGlass CEO Chris Coleman will be presenting “Reverse the Economics of Cybercrime” at the Innovative Showcase.


Cybercriminals’ primary objective is… making money. The challenge for financial institutions is how to disrupt the cybercriminal’s business operation and keep your organization from losing revenue. Chris Coleman, LookingGlass’ Chief Executive Officer, will discuss an innovative approach to interrupting the economics of cybercrime with a focus on the criminal’s return on investment (ROI). He will overview the best practices– the tools, technology, and strategy– needed to level the playing field against cyber criminals, diminishing their ROI and your organization’s likelihood of being targeted.

About the Speakers

  • chris-coleman-ceo

    Chris Coleman
    CEO, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions Inc.