SECURE 360 – Minneapolis, MN

Join us at SECURE 360 – Minneapolis, MN

Event Dates: May 16-17, 2017

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Plan to attend these valuable sessions hosted by LookingGlass security experts:

Tuesday Session

Building Successful Threat Intelligence Programs

Featuring Allan Thomson, CTO
Tuesday May 16, 2017  – 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Threat intelligence is a broad topic that can solve many issues for organizations. This presentation introduces how threat intelligence can be applied across cyber, brand, physical, executive assessment, compliance and legal areas providing attendees with an introduction to insights on how to justify and build a threat intelligence program. We will also cover the key elements of TI programs including

  • Assessment and requirements
  • Selecting or hiring the team
  • Defining team roles and functions necessary across TI programs
  • Defining the key processes for TI programs including example workflows that work best across cyber, brand, phishing and social media TI monitoring
  • Defining what tools (categories and functions) are necessary for TI programs
  • Defining metrics and reporting that most TI programs require
  • Defining connections and external relationships for TI to succeed

 Finally, we show an end-to-end use case that provides a complete success story.

 Key learning points:

  • Key elements of threat intelligence programs
  • Threat intelligence lifecycle (from requirements to actionable mitigation)
  • Practical threat intelligence use cases and examples

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Wednesday Session

Optimize Your Supply Chain Cybersecurity

Featuring Allan Thomson, CTO & Jamison Day, Principal Data Scientist at LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, Inc.
Wednesday May 17, 2017 – 4:15 PM – 5:15 PM

Securing your organization’s cyber activity is no longer enough. Contracting with vendors solves many business challenges, but it also creates cyber vulnerabilities. Hackers not only know this; they are exploiting it. Join this session to discuss your supply chain cybersecurity challenges with other attendees and develop a draft implementation plan for applying what you learn within your organization. We will review current trends (e.g. 22% annual growth in cyber incidents involving partners) and recent attacks/breaches that have originated via supply chain partners (e.g. Target, Home Depot, OPM, DoD). We will also explore supplier selection practices that can enhance supply chain cybersecurity.

 The facilitators will provide a 2×2 Supply Chain Cybersecurity Strategy Matrix to help you prioritize resource allocation in your on-going management of threats in a diverse range of vendors. High and low partner access vs high and low cyber maturity provide four distinct quadrants and clearly position supply chain partners from lowest to highest threat risk. You will examine each quadrant and explore practices for monitoring and collaborating with, as well as defending against your many supply chain partners.

 Key learning points:

  • Discuss your supply chain cybersecurity challenges and learn from others’
  • Explore best practices for monitoring, collaborating with and defending against your partners
  • Draft an implementation plan for enhancing your company’s supply chain cybersecurity
  • Review current trends that motivate supply chain cybersecurity. Review supply selection practices for cybersecurity impact.

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