Organizations in the most lucrative industries are seeking to quickly fortify their defenses by reducing the time required to identify and remediate threats. Is your organization prepared to respond? Jeremy Haas, LookingGlass Chief Security Officer, will discuss taking an active threat response posture, collecting enterprise net-flow, and using custom tools to correlate that net-flow with threat intel feeds to speed threat identification and response.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Creating a more active threat response posture
  2. Collecting enterprise net-flow
  3. Correlating net-flow with threat intel feeds
  4. Speeding the threat identification and response process


About the Speakers

  • Jeremy Haas

    Jeremy Haas
    Chief Security Officer, LookingGlass Cyber

    Haas is a recognized cyber security expert. He served 14 years at CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence where he led and participated in cyber operations, engineering and analysis activities supporting intelligence, counter intelligence, and covert operations. Prior to the CIA, Haas spent 10 years in the USAF. His last position was as a Cyber R&D Project Manager in the Air Force Information Warfare Battlelab, a think tank that evaluated cyber technologies for the USAF.