Join LookingGlass’ Senior Managing Director of the Asia Pacific region, Tom Creedon, at the 2019 SANS Cyber Threat Intel Summit in Alexandria. Tom will be speaking on “숨은 영웅-Hidden Heroes, and other gangsters from 39 North”.

Hidden Heroes, and other gangsters from 39 North, is an illumination of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK), military and civilian cyber Order of Battle (OOB). The talk will examine the infamous, and frequently misattributed, Unit 121, along with providing an expanded understanding of the many operational, and active, cyber capable units within the DPRK’s Reconnaissance General Bureau and Korea Workers Party. This will also include their historical path from more traditional criminal activity to revenue generation in the world of cyber fraud. Finally, the talk will also examine the pitfalls of researching DPRK activity due to South Korea intelligence activities, and the far-reaching aspects of Korean diaspora, and signals that often allow DPRK actors to blend in with non DPRK actors.

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