With the right tools and skills, you can visit, crawl, index, and analyze the Deep Web and Darknet, just like any other set of web sites, hosts, or streams of content on the surface web.

LookingGlass’ collection systems and services use multiple methods, including daily domain registrations, spam email, and other non-web link sources to discover millions of “hidden” Deep Web sites. And our unparalleled access to Darknet networks data feed provide real-time intelligence gathering and information about credential leaks, data breaches, and more.

Human-Vetted for Better Intelligence

Not only do you need specific tools to traverse the depths of the Deep Web and Darknet, but you also need experts to guide you. LookingGlass’ advanced technologies automatically pull relevant intelligence from the entire Internet, which is then reviewed by our expert analysts.

Pulling data is one thing, but having an expert analyst scan, examine and interpret your data for trends and recommendations will better prepare you for emerging threats and impending cyber attacks.

Understanding the dark web and how it factors into cybersecurity

Eric Olson, VP of Intelligence Operations


Acquire Intelligence.