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How to Evaluate Your Company and Third Party Cyber Risk

Cyber Attack Surface Webinar

Ransomware, spear phishing and third party breaches have become a huge problem as organizations become more connected online and expand their cyber footprint. When even...

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Supplier Cyber Attack Surface Analysis

The LookingGlass™ Supplier Cyber Attack Surface Analysis provides organizations with a detailed, measurable way to examine their third party vendors’ security posture across five categories...

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Corporate Cyber Attack Surface Analysis

The LookingGlass™ Corporate Cyber Attack Surface Analysis provides organizations with a detailed, measurable way to examine their internal security posture across five categories of cyber...

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the cyberwire

The CyberWire Daily Podcast for 03.23.17

In today's podcast we offer a rundown of recently announced threats and vulnerabilities in stores and documents: Play Store, App Store, and MS Office. Some...

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Compromised Information Monitoring

LookingGlass Compromised Information Monitoring (CIM) provides early warning of compromised account credentials, compromised credit card numbers and compromised Social Security Numbers discovered in the wild....

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Cyber Threat Intelligence Uses,Successes and Failures: The SANS 2017 CTI Survey

Over the past year, Yahoo revealed the largest data breaches in history,and nation-state hacking activity was suspected in tampering with the U.S. presidential election. More...

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Special Investigations Unit (SIU)

The LookingGlass Special Investigations Unit (SIU) provides a highly skilled, experienced team of cyber intelligence analysts that can conduct web-based searches, investigations and analyses quickly,...

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SCOUTVISION™ Threat Intelligence Platform


LookingGlass ScoutVision™ is a threat intelligence platform designed for security analysts hunting specific threats. With ScoutVision, analysts can deliver both strategic and tactical guidance to...

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Rogue Application Detection

The LookingGlass Rogue Application Detection service monitors multiple online storefronts for unauthorized mobile applications that may not be known by an organization’s internal brand and...

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Response And Mitigation Services

LookingGlass Response and Mitigation Services provide timely and aggressive support to remove malicious online content threatening your organization’s infrastructure, information, employees, customers, and reputation. LookingGlass’...

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