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Posted March 2, 2016


This weekly brief highlights the latest threat intelligence news to provide insight into the latest threats to various industries.


Healthcare data encryption is a “particular imperative,” and one that should also be considered for other organizations when it comes to protecting personal data stored on laptops, desktop computers, and mobile devices, according to a recent report from the California Attorney General.

California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris released the California Data Breach Report earlier this week, explaining that with more personal information being stored online, “it is imperative that organizations employ strong privacy practices.””


Financial Services

“The re-emergence of the mobile banking Trojan known as Acecard, which is now threatening a broader range of targets worldwide, highlights the growing risks associated with Android devices and the need for banks and mobile app developers to do more to protect users’ accounts.

Acecard, which emerged in February 2014, has evolved to become one of the most dangerous banking Trojans, according to researchers […].”

Bank Info Security

Legal and Regulations

“As part of the effort to restore the European Union’s faith in U.S. privacy protections, Congress passed the Judicial Redress Act of 2015, which the President signed into law on February 24.  The Act extends some of the protections of the Privacy Act of 1974 to citizens of certain foreign countries, including the right to seek judicial redress for certain violations of those protections.”



“Last April 2015, [researchers] talked about FighterPOS, a point-of-sale (PoS) malware that was used in a one-man cybercriminal operation to steal over 22,000 unique credit card numbers and affected more than 100 PoS terminals in Brazil and other countries. [Researchers] recently came across new and seemingly improved versions of this malware. Among other things, FighterPOS now has propagation capabilities; meaning, it could spread from one PoS malware terminal to another that is connected to the same network and thereby increasing the number of potential victims in one organization.”

– Trend Micro


“A group of cybersecurity and enterprise technology firms have formed a new organization focused on helping policymakers create “consensus-driven” policy solutions.

The new Coalition for Cybersecurity Policy and Law was founded by seven tech industry companies, namely Arbor Networks, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Rapid7, and Symantec.

With the legislative and regulatory policies related to cybersecurity becoming more complex, the Coalition’s goal is to focus on educating policymakers and collaborating on complicated policies.”

– Security Week

Law Enforcement

“The Justice Department is demanding Apple’s help in unlocking at least nine iPhones nationwide in addition to the phone used by one of the San Bernardino, Calif., attackers.

The disclosure appears to buttress the company’s concerns that the dispute could pose a threat to encryption safeguards that goes well beyond the single California case.

Apple is fighting the government’s demands in at least seven of the other nine cases, Marc J. Zwillinger, a lawyer for the company, said in a letter unsealed in federal court on Tuesday.”



“Several security firms have teamed up to analyze and potentially disrupt the activities of a threat group that is believed to be behind the 2014 attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Novetta, Kaspersky Lab, AlienVault, and Symantec published reports on Wednesday on the activities of an actor they have dubbed the Lazarus Group. As part of what they callOperation Blockbuster, researchers from these companies have analyzed more than 45 malware families, which has allowed them to find connections between several major attacks and tie them to a single group.”

– Security Week

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