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The following data offers a snapshot into the weekly trends of the top industries being targeted by phishingPhishing: The use of emails that appear to be from a legitimate, trusted source that are enticed to trick recipients into entering valid credentials including personal information such as passwords or credit card numbers into a fake platform or service. LookingGlass Cyber (n) - tailoring an attack (such as email) to garner trust and credentials that are then used maliciously. The preverbal digital version of the ol' hook and bait. attacks for the week of September 24 – September 30, 2017.

This week, we saw an overall decrease of >20% in phishing activity for the top 20 brands we monitor. The majority of those industries saw decreases in activity, with Storage & System Mangement Software (>55%), Internet Search & Navigation Services (>40%), and Social Networks (>30%).

Only two industries saw increases in phishing activity: Telecommunications at >110% and eCommerce at >25%.

By pulling information from major Internet Service Providers (ISP), partners, clients, feeds, and our own proprietary honey pots and web crawlers, we are able to get a 360-degree view of the phishing landscape. The percentages posted are based on the sum of the phishing threats of the top 20 brands, and do not include anything below the top 20 threshold.

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