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Search Engine Roundtable reports a new round of phishingPhishing: The use of emails that appear to be from a legitimate, trusted source that are enticed to trick recipients into entering valid credentials including personal information such as passwords or credit card numbers into a fake platform or service. LookingGlass Cyber (n) - tailoring an attack (such as email) to garner trust and credentials that are then used maliciously. The preverbal digital version of the ol' hook and bait. attacks that target the credit and debit card numbers of Google AdWords customers. This more classic form of phishing, in that a Web form is served up to collect financial information, is different than the AdWords malwareMalware: A generic term for a software that is designed to disable or otherwise damage computers, networks and computer systems LookingGlass Cyber (n) - another type of cold that can destroy a computer by latching on to destroy other programs. fraud reported earlier this month. Don’t be surprised if future variants of these phishing attacks target login credentials so the phishers can take control of the accounts and serve up fraudulent advertisements to lure consumers to bogus Web sites.

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