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Posted June 8, 2010

A story by The Plain Dealer posted on last week sheds light on the numerous issues associated with social media and the workplace. Providing real life examples of problems experienced by companies such as Petland and Nestle, the story gives an excellent overview of many of the decisions that need to be made in the implementation of a company-wide social media strategy.

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Companies can take proactive steps to strengthen their security posture and minimize potential damage from problems that arise in the social media environment. The steps start with addressing challenges effectively with a solid understanding of the authorized and vast numbers of unauthorized social media users within the company. Next, companies should have a formal education and training plan in place that meets the needs of all sides of the business. Further, documented social networking policies, ongoing monitoring and a strong organizational feedback structure are essential. For more information, see The Impact of Social Media on Corporate Security: What Every Company Needs to Know published by Cyveillance in Spring 2010.

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