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Posted May 18, 2015


Phishing Report: Top 20 Targets
Week of May 10-16, 2015

Top 20 Phishing Targets

This week saw more than a 40% increase in phishing activity for the top 20 brands we’re tracking, mainly driven by bad actors attempting to take advantage of Verizon’s announcement to acquire AOL.  ANZ, Lloyds TSB, Comcast, and Craigslist displaced RBC Royal Bank,, Canada Revenue Agency, and TD Canada Trust.

AOL topped the list with an increase of more than 1,050% from the prior week. Facebook followed with an increase of more than 120%, and Google saw an increase of more than 55%.

RBC Royal Bank dropped off the list with the most dramatic reduction (>85%), followed by TD Canada Trust (>53%), BMO Bank of Montreal (>45%), Apple (>45%), and USAA (>40%).

Our Top 20 Phishing Report offers a snapshot into the weekly trends of the top brands that are being targeted in phishing attacks. By pulling information from major ISPs, partners, clients, feeds, and our own proprietary honeypots and web crawlers, we are able to get a 360-degree view of the phishing landscape. The percentages posted on our blog are based on the sum of the phishing threats of the top 20, and do not include anything below the top 20 threshold.

For more information, download our white paper, Four Steps to Effectively Protecting Your Organization from Phishing Attacks, or contact us for more information on our anti-phishing services.

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