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Posted June 18, 2009

A story by the San Francisco Chronicle posted on earlier today sheds light on the “cat-and-mouse game” played every day on the Internet between the security industry and online criminals. The story focuses on the growing sophistication of one particular online criminal organization, GoldenCashWorld. The story can be found at:

Unfortunately, GoldenCashWorld is only one of many technically sophisticated criminal groups on the Internet. These groups continue to be successful at facilitating and conducting online criminal activity. This success enables their available resources to grow and technical capabilities to improve. The success also lures many new technically proficient individuals into the cyber criminal underworld. These issues combine to create an ever-growing threat of online criminal activity volume and sophistication which the security industry must adapt to in order to minimize the effects.

Cyveillance has long been aware of these efforts by the criminals who are forced to develop very sophisticated methods to bypass detection and security countermeasures. This is a clear indication that the efforts of Cyveillance and others in the security industry are working. As we enter a new era in Security and Intelligence with our acquisition by Qinetiq NA, Cyveillance will continue to make the investments in personnel and technology needed to protect our customers and always stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

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