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Posted December 15, 2009

There has never been greater focus on the threat posed by attacks on our nation’s infrastructure. The Obama administration has prioritized defending the United States from cyber attack by online criminals and other countries. Indeed, in May the President noted that cybersecurity would be designated as one of his key management priorities.

In their role as protectors of private and public sector infrastructure, companies in the information security industry bear witness to intimate details of the attacks against critical resources we all rely on. Appropriately sharing such knowledge and data about these attacks is an important step in preventing future attacks.

The United States Secret Service’s Electronic Crimes Task Forces were created to facilitate opportunities for such information sharing. Mandated by federal law signed by President Bush in 2001, the Electronic Crimes Task Force Initiative originally created ECTFs in eight metropolitan regions but has now grown to twenty-four task forces.

The Electronic Crimes Task Forces hold meetings on a quarterly basis where law enforcement of all levels, academia and the private sector gather to discuss trends and share information about recent threats and attacks.

As President Obama stated in his remarks in May, “This status quo is no longer acceptable — not when there’s so much at stake. We can and we must do better.” Cyveillance encourages its colleagues, customers, and partners in the information security industries to participate in initiatives like the ECTF.

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