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Among many interesting tidbits in Microsoft’s recent Windows 10 announcement was that it would include two Internet browsers: the classic Internet Explorer, and a new one called Spartan.

Although it’s not that big of news per se, criminals are taking advantage of the media attention that has accompanied the Spartan announcement – not to exploit potential security flaws, although we’re sure that will come soon – but to register domainDomain: A specified location where a set of activity or knowledge exists. For instance, an Internet domain is synonymous with a website address or URL where information can be made available. LookingGlass Cyber (n) - A fancy name for a URL or website. names associated with it.

Using our proprietary Domain Database tool in our Cyber Threat Center, we found several domain names already registered by non-Microsoft parties, including:

Spartan domain names Windows 10

Although there is no criminal activity associated with these registrations yet, spammers and cybercriminals often register variations of names like this to launch phishingPhishing: The use of emails that appear to be from a legitimate, trusted source that are enticed to trick recipients into entering valid credentials including personal information such as passwords or credit card numbers into a fake platform or service. LookingGlass Cyber (n) - tailoring an attack (such as email) to garner trust and credentials that are then used maliciously. The preverbal digital version of the ol' hook and bait. or other online attacks, taking advantage of people who may be curious about new releases.

Did you know? Ongoing domain name registration monitoring can alert you to suspicious or malicious activity that may be associated with your brand.

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