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Posted June 1, 2009

For years now Cyveillance has been the cyber intelligence leader, emphasizing a proactive approach to cyber security. Our method of gathering, processing and delivering cyber intelligence to customers and partners for use in threat mitigation and cyber security planning is widely regarded in the market and our intelligence is often cited in the press. This intelligence-led approach to security is also one of the primary drivers behind our recently announced agreement to be acquired by QinetiQ North America.
Cyveillance's Approach to Cyber Security Validated by Recent Obama Administration Initiative

With the recent release of the US Government’s Cyber Security Policy Review, Cyveillance’s intelligence-led approach is quickly gaining ground as a mainstream trend in security. A major focus of policy review is the discovery and analysis of potential threats and building and implementing the policies and infrastructure needed to prevent or block them. This proactive approach to security is the foundation for our technology which produces the actionable intelligence needed to stay one step ahead of these growing and dynamic cyber threats. For more detailed information on this approach, you can download The New Protection Paradigm: Intelligence-Led Security white paper at:

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