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Posted January 12, 2016


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Financial Services

“A pair of researchers demonstrated vulnerabilities in German banks and their retail payment systems that could allow cybercriminals to steal payment card information and more at the Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg, Germany on Dec. 27. Researchers Karsten Nohl and Fabian Bräunlein of Security Research Labs in Berlin showed what they called “shopshifting” attacks that exploited the lack of authentication factors in the ZVT and Poseidon communication protocols used by the card readers that could allow an attacker to perform man-in-the-middle (MitM) style attacks through a retailer’s network via WI-FI or Ethernet connection.”

SC Magazine


“Operation Black Atlas, a campaign aimed at infecting point of sale (PoS) systems around the world, has managed to infect more companies and is using the modular Gorynych/Diamond Fox botnet to exfiltrate data, Trend Micro researchers warn. Earlier this month, the security company revealed that cybercriminals were using multiple tools to compromise businesses that use card payment systems, including those in healthcare and retail, and to infect targeted systems with various PoS malware, including the BlackPOS malware.”

– Security Week


“Microsoft has joined a growing list of technology firms that will inform users if they have been targeted by nation-state cyber snoops. The move was confirmed by Scott Charney, corporate vice president of trustworthy computing at Microsoft, who explained that the company will now warn users if an account has been “compromised” by a government or nation-state attacker.”


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