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Posted June 23, 2015


Welcome to the Cyveillance Weekly Cyber Security Trends Report

Since threat intelligence is constantly evolving, we publish this weekly cyber security trends report to keep our customers updated on the latest threats across a variety of industries. You can read an abridged version below. Follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our blog to make sure you don’t miss any of the latest security articles from Cyveillance experts.


  • “From steak frites to pot-au-feu, the French eat twice as much beef as the average European and yet, farmers say they can’t make a living. Squeezed by 16 months of falling prices and a shrinking export market, French cattle ranchers turned to protests this week at 18 slaughterhouses around the country.”


Financial Services

  • Researchers reported that the infamous banking Trojan Swatbanker infiltrated the networks of the German Bundestag and integrated filtersfor the German parliament’s domain name, “Bundestag.btg.” Russia is blamed for the botnet attacks after Germany voiced its support of Ukraine. Any infected Windows PC that accesses the Bundestag intranet will automatically transfer all data entered into forms, as well as browser history data to the attackers.

The Register


  • “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, along with international partners, moved this week against more than 1,050 websites that sell potentially dangerous counterfeit medicines and medical devices, the agency said Thursday. Illegal medicines and medical devices were seized worldwide, and warnings were sent to the operators of offending websites, the FDA said in a news release.”

U.S. News


  • “Fifteen to 30 percent of eCommerce site visitors are infected with client side injected malware (CSIM), according to white paper from Namogoo, an online security firm that monitors numerous verticals throughout the U.S. and Europe.”

SC Magazine


  • “Belgium’s national privacy watchdog is suing Facebook for allegedly breaching both Belgian and European privacy laws for the way that it tracks the behavior of both members and non-members. According to EUobserver, this is the first time a European privacy commission has sued Facebook for its non-compliance with regards to privacy laws.”

Trip Wire


  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that it will be fining AT&T 100 million dollars for the company’s misleading behavior regarding its unlimited wireless data plans.  According to the announcement, AT&T willfully and repeatedly violated the Commission’s Open Internet Transparency Rule by throttling its unlimited data users without adequately informing them about the very limited nature of this supposedly unlimited data plan.



  • “Following disclosures of devastating breaches of US government computer networks, officials told lawmakers Tuesday even more intrusions may be discovered with investigations and deployment of new security tools.”

– Security Week

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