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Posted August 11, 2015


Welcome to the Cyveillance Weekly Cyber Security Trends Report

Since threat intelligence is constantly evolving, we publish this weekly cyber security trends report to keep our customers updated on the latest threats across a variety of industries. You can read an abridged version below. Follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our blog to make sure you don’t miss any of the latest security articles from Cyveillance experts.



“Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones recently announced he has awarded $34.9 million in grants to 37 district attorney offices representing 42 counties in California to combat workers’ compensation insurance fraud. The grants, funded through employer assessments, support law enforcement efforts in investigating and prosecuting workers’ compensation insurance fraud.  “The impact of fraud is felt across California as a drain on our economy,” said Commissioner Jones. “These grants will assist district attorneys across the state in uncovering workers’ compensation fraud schemes and prosecuting those who take advantage of the system.”  Workers’ compensation insurance fraud includes medical provider fraud, employer premium fraud, employer defrauding employee, insider fraud, claimant fraud, and the willfully uninsured operating within the underground economy. These cases, when successfully prosecuted, level the playing field for honest businesses and discourage future fraudulent activity.”

California Insurance

Financial Services

“Online banking customers in the UK are being warned of a major phishing campaign using a notorious piece of malware designed to steal financial data. Customers of most major UK banks are being targeted by the Trojan malware known as Dyre. Nearly 20,000 malicious emails have been sent in the last three days containing an infectious .exe file posing as an email from a tax consultant. The file acts as a downloader that fetches and executes the Dyre banking Trojan when opened. Follow up emails then urge victims to attach financial documentation and verify its authenticity. The malware has also been found in the US and Germany.”


“Software company Adobe Systems Inc. (ADBE.O) said on Monday it is doubling the maternity leave it grants, making it the third company in the U.S. technology industry in a week to give new parents more paid time off. New mothers at the California-based firm will receive 26 weeks of paid leave, up from 12 weeks, and primary caregivers and new parents will get 16 weeks of paid parental leave. “We join an industry movement to better support our employees while striving towards increased workforce diversity,” said Donna Morris, Adobe senior vice president of People and Places.”


Law Enforcement

Cyber security experts are facing many hurdles as they try to crack down on an increasing number of hackers worldwide. Business Insider reports that the underground market for cybercrime is thriving and includes a range of people from experts to amateurs. There are a myriad of barriers for law enforcement to overcome, including the dark web, tools that anonymize threat actors’ tracks, and political barriers in other countries when conducting global investigations. Also complicating the effort is a struggle to fill cyber security job openings because of relatively low pay and thorough background checks.

Business Insider

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