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Posted April 21, 2015



Welcome to the Cyveillance Weekly Cyber Security Trends Report

Since threat intelligence is constantly evolving, we publish this weekly cyber security trends report to keep our customers updated on the latest threats across a variety of industries. You can read an abridged version below. Follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our blog to make sure you don’t miss any of the latest security articles from Cyveillance experts.

Top Cyber Security Incidents


  • Although many businesses are starting to invest more heavily in cyber insurance, with the U.S. market doubling to $2 billion in 2014 alone, a new report from Bloomberg View indicates that these policies may not be providing the coverage that will be needed for companies to succeed in the long run.


Financial Services

  • A European banking giant accidentally disclosed the personal information of their mortgage account customers. The incident became known to the company on March 27, but the data may have been available to anyone with an internet connection since late last year.

Legal and Regulations

  • On April 9, the NYDFS released a report finding potential cyber security vulnerabilities with banks’ third-party vendors, based on a survey of 40 banking organizations regarding the cyber security standards in place for their vendors. Notable findings from the report include (i) nearly one in three banks surveyed currently do not require third-party vendors to notify them in the event of an information security breach or other cyber security breach; (ii) less than half of the banks conduct any on-site security assessments of their third-party vendors; (iii) about one in five of the banks surveyed do not require third-party vendors to represent that they have established minimum information security requirements; (iv) only one-third of the banks require information security requirements to be extended to subcontractors of the third-party vendors; and (v) nearly half of the banks do not require a warranty of the integrity of the third-party vendor’s data or products.


  • Fast-food workers calling for $15 an hour are picking up some more allies Wednesday. Airport workers, home care workers, Walmart workers and adjunct professors are among those set to join in the Fight for $15 protests across the country, in what organizers are calling the biggest ever mobilization of workers in the U.S. The campaign is being spearheaded by the Service Employees International Union and began in late 2012. On Wednesday, organizers say protests for higher pay and union for low-wage workers are planned for more than 230 cities and college campuses.

CBS Local


  • Hackers have managed to penetrate computer networks associated with the Israeli military in an espionage campaign that skillfully packages existing attack software with trick emails, according to private security researchers.



  • A Chinese cyber threat group is said to have one of the longest ever cyber espionage operation histories, having spied on governments for over a decade. The APT 30 hacker group was uncovered by security firm FireEye, which claims that it has been spying on Asia Pacific countries’ governments from as far back as 2004. FireEye said that APT 30 takes a special interest in political developments in Southeast Asia and India, and is particularly active at the time of Association of Southeast Asian Nations summits. It also focuses on regional issues and territorial disputes between China, India and Southeast Asian countries.


  • The U.S. Marshals Service says it rounded up 7,100 fugitives in a six-week nationwide sweep that focused on seven cities shown to have a high number of people wanted by the law. Director Stacia Hylton joined law enforcement officials in Camden, New Jersey, on Thursday to announce the results of the effort called Operation Violence Reduction 7, which ran from March 2 through April 10. A deputy marshal was killed in Louisiana while carrying out the roundup — the first on-duty death of a marshal in four years. Josie Wells was fatally wounded in a March 10 shootout with a suspect on the outskirts of Baton Rouge. Hylton says the effort focused on finding the most dangerous fugitives in seven cities. She said the roundup included surrounding areas to make it more difficult for fugitives to flee. She says those arrested included 519 people wanted for homicide and 583 for sexual assault.

– ABC News

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