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Posted June 23, 2009

Cyber criminals are leveraging high profile current events and Twitter to distribute malicious links on the Internet. Cyveillance recently discovered “Maltweets,” Twitter messages or tweets that contain URLs of infected sites that are using terms such as “Lakers” and “Air France” to entice users to click on the malicious links.

The Web addresses included in these Maltweets are very dangerous, posing the threat of a malicious file download to a computer without the user’s knowledge. Once downloaded, the file may install hidden components on a computer, then attempt to execute malicious activity against the user, the user’s computer or network resources. The malware could allow criminals to takeover the computer, use it as part of an illegal botnet, install dangerous root kits and even capture sensitive user information such as usernames, passwords and other personally identifiable information for the purpose of identity theft.

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