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Posted January 12, 2010

Here at Cyveillance we spend a lot of time educating our customers about threats to their business online. When time allows we also post information about such risks here on the Cyveillance Blog. As part of this effort to educate users about the risky online environment that exists out there, we are especially excited about our upcoming, in-person classes that will be offered on January 19 in Reston, Virginia. Details are below. Hope to see you there!


  • 8:30AM – 12:30AM session
  • 1:00PM – 5:00PM session

Description: Too often, “Cyber security” is seen as a technical matter and the purview solely of IT professionals. Unfortunately, it is both the machines and the users which are under attack. In Cyber Safety 101: An Introduction to Cyber Threats and Internet Risk, students are exposed in friendly, non-technical terms to the basic workings of the Internet and how criminals, scammers, adversaries, hackers and spies exploit those technologies, systems and, most of all, the users themselves in the insecure Cyber universe.

Learning from professionals with years of experience tracking and monitoring the “dark underbelly” of Cyberspace, you will learn how bad actors use the Internet to steal, impersonate, compromise and hijack not just funds and identities but entire networks and sensitive data.

From the teenage “script kiddy” draining Paypal accounts to the state-sponsored adversaries threatening our national security, you will see the scope, breadth, variety and sophistication of today’s online enemies, and learn how to protect yourself, your agency or enterprise, its data and its mission from the dark forces at work on the Internet.

When students leave this course they will:

• Have a solid understanding of how the Internet actually works, and the inherent vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the system we all rely on every day

• Understand the sophistication of today’s online threats, and be much more adept at recognizing, stopping and avoiding those

• Be better equipped to protect themselves, their hardware, and the data, systems and mission of the agencies and enterprises for which they work

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is invaluable education for every federal or commercial knowledge worker whose PC, laptop, PDA or cell phone is connected to the Internet. As more and more systems and devices are permanently online, and as more agencies and enterprises incorporate Internet technologies into critical systems, the risks to these systems and the agencies and enterprises commensurately increase.

Today, every employee working online is a potential target. Every connected device is a potential entry point for a criminal, adversary or enemy of the country. And the risks are so new, so numerous and so sophisticated that education is absolutely vital to helping your staff safeguard your systems, data and business or mission.

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