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Posted July 14, 2010

Cyveillance has fought for many years against the seemingly endless barrage of counterfeit goods online, especially focusing on illegal online pharmacies (example, example) and even the US companies who support them.

It was especially encouraging to see the dangers of counterfeit goods covered this morning on NBC’s Today Show. Serious video coverage can also be found at CNBC. Consumer education about the dangerous risks in ordering medications online without a prescription, as well as the inferior quality of other counterfeit products is always welcomed.

While such crooks are traditionally found in the notorious 3 P’s (porn, poker, and pills) sometimes these criminals will diversify into other areas. One major illegal online pharmacy marketing group from Russia recently announced their intention to enter the fashion market:

The project is aimed at selling clothes, shoes and accessories of the most well-known brands like Gucci, Armani, Galliano, Diesel, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Gianfranco Ferre, Cartier, DelMaro, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Guess, Dsquared, Hugo Boss, Moschino, etc. (There are more than 100 (!) different brands presented at the site).

Because we think it unlikely that a group of illegal online pharmacy operators from Russia has signed distribution and marketing agreements with 100 legitimate brands, we believe the merchandise from this site and others in its network are most likely counterfeit.

Indeed, here is one of their sites from this new effort:

counterfeit fashion

A screenshot from a website that appears to sell all counterfeit goods.

The marketers for fake or “replica” clothing sites use the old fashioned spammy tactics often associated with online pharmacies to get the word out about their websites. In these next two screen shots, you can see the comment moderation panel for this very blog, where devious marketers of counterfeit goods have submitted comments to in the hopes that we will publish the comment and the accompanying link to their site. (Click the images to enlarge them).

fake-nike-shoes replica-handbags

As is clear, online criminals have no intention of slowing down their illegal tactics on the internet. We look forward to a public who is more informed about the serious risks involved in counterfeit products and will continue working hard to negate the threat posed to consumers by such cybercriminals.

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