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Posted April 30, 2010

Reports continue to come out about social media users who unknowingly access malware through online advertisements and/or applications. Facebook’s Farm Town is a recent example, where people who clicked on a banner ad in the game, were told that they had multiple viruses on their computer, but could eradicate them by clicking on an anti-virus link. Those people who clicked the link were exposed to a malware download and installation.

While reports like this are not new, users continue to fall victim to traps on trusted social media sites. It is time for these sites to realize the serious impact that attacks have on user confidence and make the necessary adjustments to proactively protect their users from dangerous links and ads resting on their pages.

For example, Cyveillance works with customers who use their data feeds to ensure the protection of advertiser’s brands online. These organizations understand the importance of staying one step ahead of the dangers on the Internet and utilize Cyveillance’s real-time content monitoring to deliver early warnings of potential violations. In doing so, advertisers are aware of any brand misuse online, which helps to keep Internet users protected against rogue links that may be falsely associated with the company, thus providing a safer online environment.

As malware continues to plague social media sites, it is time for these Websites to take action. A proactive security approach will not only create a safer online environment, but also generate greater user confidence among the growing social media sites.

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