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Posted April 18, 2012

Cecos VI Prague

Cyber crime never quits. Just this week the DEA made the impressive announcement that it had arrested several individuals who it claims were responsible for selling LSD, ecstasy, ketamine, and other hard core illegal drugs using the Tor anonymity network at a destination called “The Farmer’s Market”. Technology-based schemes like these that put others at risk for serious physical and financial harm are a reminder that we can’t rest when it comes to fighting cyber crime.

One mechanism to help minimize online criminals’ chances of success is for actors in the private sector to band together across corporate lines. The Anti-Phishing Working Group is one such platform for collaboration. Cyveillance was one of the earliest members of the APWG and managed the development of translations for one of the APWG’s first operational projects called the Phishing Education Landing page. This program is now helping redirect tens of thousands of at-risk users to counter-ecrime resources every single month.

The APWG will soon hold the sixth annual Counter-eCrime Operations Summit (CeCOS VI) in Prague. Some of the presentations during the April 24-27th meeting include:

  • How a Financial Institution Utilizes Cyber Intelligence to Reduce Risk
  • Digital Crimes in Russia and Criminal Prosecution
  • Mapping the Cyberfelons’ Homelands: The Most Criminogenic National Networks
  • Budapest Convention on Cybercrime: Transborder Law Enforcement Access to Data

In the same way Cyveillance strongly encourages corporate security professionals to take part in organizations like the U.S. Secret Service’s Electronic Crimes Task Force, we can’t recommend participation at events like CeCOS enough. These small, trusted forums are where the rubber meets the road and meaningful teams can be formed to put a dent in the dangerous activity of criminals online. Together we are stronger.

Full details:
​Anti-Phishing Working Group Counter-eCrime Operations Summit (CeCOS VI)

The focus of this year’s event is the shifting nature of cybercrime and the attendant challenges of managing that dynamic threatscape.


Where: ​Mövenpick Hotel Prague, Mozartova 1 150 00, Prague, Czech Republic

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