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Posted September 16, 2014

Announcing our Cyber Threat Center, an all-in-one, cloud-based cyber intelligence platform


As an information or physical security professional, you’re under a lot of pressure to discover threats and prepare your organization for attacks, and to do damage control if a breach or security incident occurs. Depending on the size and structure of your organization, you (and your team) may also be responsible for risk and compliance, executive security and employee training, implementing and managing firewalls, updating anti-virus software and a host of other tasks. With so many demands on your time and budget, monitoring open source intelligence (OSINT) for indications and warnings of potential attacks and breaches outside your network perimeter may seem like a luxury.

We hear similar comments from our clients all the time. They want to know how they can spend more time doing real analysis on OSINT, not just collecting data from Google Alerts and marketing tools and trying to piece it together into something meaningful. As we dive deeper into these discussions, we typically find that the largest cause of wasted time is that they are using multiple tools that aren’t designed for security professionals to try to gather and analyze OSINT. When it comes to coordinating a security department, even if it’s a small team, these tools aren’t solutions at all – they end up being the problem. This is a challenge for organizations of all sizes, even those that are investing millions to try to keep up with cyber threats, but is a particular problem for organizations outside the Fortune 500 that have to meet the same regulations and requirements of larger firms.

That’s why we are pleased to announce our new Cyber Threat Centerthe first cloud-based platform to bring together both the OSINT data and tools that allow security and risk professionals to collect, tag, filter, and distill massive amounts of data into actionable intelligence.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be discussing some of the exciting features of the Cyber Threat Center and showing you how each of its features can be used to help you save time and money.


Before we get into the details, here’s an overview of the key features of the Cyber Threat Center:

One-stop web search and social media monitoring, including forums, blogs, underground channels, document-sharing and paste sites

Using multiple tools causes inconsistent data, while running manual searches wastes a lot of time. The Cyber Threat Center saves time and provides consistent, complete data from sources important to security, risk, and compliance professionals, such as document sharing sites and paste and post sites.

Customizable alerts and reporting, including graphical dashboards

Collecting data is a great first step, but it doesn’t help your organization much if you simply collect that data, then spend all of your time sorting it instead of analyzing it. The Cyber Threat Center allows you to actually use the data you’ve collected because it provides you with the ability to tag, sort, filter, and run simple or complex queries. These searches can be set to automatically send an alert whenever a match comes into the platform, so you’ll never miss anything important. In addition, the graphical dashboards give you quick insight into where your problem areas are, so you can allocate your resources to the areas in greatest need.

An Investigative toolbox with data on domain names and IP addresses, threat actors, phishing, and malware attacks

Data without context is not usable. Actionable intelligence requires cross-correlation with evidence providing the who, what, where, when, and how of an indication or warning. The Cyber Threat Center pulls from our vast collection of sources so that analysts can turn data into intelligence that can be used to help prevent a breach or mitigate damage after a breach.

Global Threat Intelligence reports that show current and future cyber and physical threats and disruptions across the globe

Subscribing to multiple news feeds with broad “cyber” news can require you to hire a full time employee just to distill the information pertinent to your organization. The Cyber Threat Center eliminates that need with Daily Threat Briefings that have our analysts’ reports of cyber threats and attacks aimed at a variety of industries—not just yours—so you can get a complete perspective on the threat landscape.

We’ll go into detail about these features and how to use them in upcoming blog posts. You can read more about the Cyveillance Cyber Threat Center or sign up for a free trial now.


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