Shaping the Threat Intelligence Management Market

– by Chris Coleman

There has been significant chatter recently about threat intelligence management – specifically how a platform for managing such should be defined. Two industry analysts, Dr. Anton Chuvakin, of Gartner and Rick Holland, of Forrester have weighed in early and often on this topic and are two of the more thoughtful analysts actively covering this space.

Recently, Dr. Chuvakin blogged about what makes for a threat intelligenceThreat Intelligence: Evidence-based knowledge about an existing hazard designed to help organizations understand the risks common and severe external threats, used to inform decisions regarding the subject’s response. LookingGlass Cyber (n) - Actionable, relevant, and timely information that can help when assessing the security posture of an organization. A little more left. No no, that’s now too far... management platform (TIMP). Following Anton’s blog, Adam Vincent, CEO of ThreatConnect, blogged about how we should think about threat intelligence; the management of such; what the value of the intelligence is; and what the platform should resemble. ThreatConnect provides a threat intelligence-sharing platform, one of the formidable players in what I call the “Security Social Media” space around threat intelligence.

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