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Posted October 25, 2016

I recently received the text message below. I was immediately suspicious because I haven’t used PayPal in a while, I don’t remember checking anything to allow PayPal to send me text alerts, and the URL in the text didn’t look like something that would be associated with PayPal. The text also spells “Pay Pal” with a space (but the official way to spell the company name is without one).

phishing quiz

So, what did I do? I definitely did not click on the link. Instead, I went to the security page on PayPal’s website and found where to report a suspicious email or website. I’m fortunate to work at a security centric company so I’m automatically suspicious of pretty much anything online, yet many people are still learning what is and what is not a legitimate communication from a trusted source.

Over the last few weeks we’ve discussed what is phishing, the importance of cyber security education for ALL employees, and tips for identifying phishing emails.

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