Posted December 14, 2015

CEO Perspective: LookingGlass And Cyveillance Join Forces

By Chris Coleman, CEO

On Friday, December 11, 2015, LookingGlass announced the purchase of Cyveillance from QinetiQ Group PLC, completing our third acquisition of the year. The addition of Cyveillance to the LookingGlass product portfolio brings an exciting close to 2015 enabling LookingGlass to deliver the most comprehensive threat intelligence capability to the market. LookingGlass now has market leading offerings in the intelligence services, platform and machine-readable mitigation segments of the expansive threat intelligence market.

Our solutions are highly complementary. Cyveillance is a leader in the threat intelligence market, specifically around Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). Cyveillance has been delivering threat intelligence services to customers for well over a decade. This extensive real world experience has resulted in an extremely mature and technology enabled threat intelligence service, coupling state of the art technology with a seasoned team of intelligence analysts and professionals. The testament to Cyveillance’s experience and offerings is the 200+ customers that view Cyveillance as an integrated and extended part of their security and risk teams.

The addition of Cyveillance shifts the landscape in an emerging market of fledging companies, philosophical and bifurcated approaches, and companies built around technology that isn’t much more than a web page with a database. The combined offerings address all of the varying approaches and specific customer interests regarding threat intelligence and will grow more capable as we continue to integrate the intelligence services, platform and network mitigation product lines. This execution of our strategy will strike the balance of human analysts with technology that will drive a new level of fidelity, effectiveness and efficiency into our customer’s intelligence, risk and security operations.

Our joined forces are already delivering results. One day after the acquisition close, the Cyveillance Special Investigations Unit (SIU) and the LookingGlass Cyber Threat Intelligence Group (CTIG) combined resources to assist an existing customer. By combining the two teams’ professional experience and know how with one another’s technology, the united effort returned a more robust set of information to the customer in a significantly reduced timeframe. This critical customer event was an opportunity for the teams to immediately collaborate and provided a true validation of the rationale and synergies of the acquisition before our integration even had a chance to begin.

Our combined teams are inspired and excited about delivering unparalleled threat intelligence driven security and results to our customers.

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