360° Visibility Into the Threat Landscape

Lookingglass Cyber Solutions is a cyber-security software company which helps organizations of all sizes protect themselves against targeted attacks. The LookingGlass solution portfolio delivers 360° cybersecurity and intelligence. Global businesses, agencies, and threat intelligence leaders choose from solutions built upon innovative security technologies and best-in-class threat intelligence, all augmented by our worldwide team of intelligence analysts. Our portfolio provides unprecedented understanding and response capability into cyber, physical, and third party risks.

Organizations of any size and level of security operations maturity can leverage our scalable solutions to address their cybersecurity requirements. The objective may be to acquire actionable threat data feeds in the form of machine-readable threat intelligence, or it may be to extend their security operations with LookingGlass industry recognized threat intelligence analysts and services. For other organizations, the goal may be to obtain a platform to contextualize, prioritize, and manage threat intelligence. And still, other businesses may require network mitigation capabilities enabled our threat intelligence to defend their assets.

Regardless of whether businesses or agencies choose one solution or the entire arsenal, LookingGlass addresses the full spectrum of threats including structured threats and Indicators of Compromise, unstructured and open source risk data, internal network telemetry, and physical threats – 360° cybersecurity and intelligence.

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Our History

LookingGlass was founded in 2009, focusing 
on United States government and commercial cyber security.

LookingGlass experiences strong organic growth.



Enhanced Capability to operationalize threat intelligence by introducing advanced techniques and procedures into the network fabric.

Kleissner & Associates

Global botnet monitoring through its Virus Tracker™ software to detect and defend against millions of malware infections every day.

  • Cloud-based platform
  • Solution-focused on unstructured data
  • Deep customer-specific knowledge and interaction


LookingGlass holds over 40 U.S. Patents.

LookingGlass continues to expand its foothold and nurture high-performing channels.

Laser-focused product expansion targeting increased protection and ease-of-use.

Acquired Goldman Sachs Sentinel Software (mid-year)

Launched: scoutTHREAT, Third Party Risk Monitoring, scoutSHIELD


The Fact Sheet


2009 — Privately Held


Reston, VA, U.S.A.



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300+ Global Commercial & Government


Worldwide Direct Sales & Channel Partners

Assets Protected:

Over $2 Trillion


Over $100 Million

Series A: Alsop Louie Partners
Series B: Neuberger Berman Group
Series C: New Spring Capital



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