The Security Challenge

Today’s threat landscape is constantly changing and security teams know they need to keep up. Yet, when digital data is increasing exponentially, network perimeters are expanding with mobile devices, physical and cyber are converging with new Internet-connected IoT devices and physical business assets, threats are continuously morphing, third party partners have privileged access and information, new breaches are in the news every day, and hackers are looking to exploit any and every vulnerability, security teams are searching for better ways to keep their organization secure.

LookingGlass Solutions

The LookingGlass solution portfolio of threat intelligence services, threat data feeds in the form of machine readable threat intelligence, a threat intelligence platform with 100+ sources of threat and global Internet data analyzed and transformed into threat intelligence, and network mitigation capabilities enable our intelligence-driven approach to be proactively leveraged by our clients unlike any other company in the industry. We address the full spectrum of threats including structured threats and Indicators of Compromise, unstructured and open source (OSINT) risk data, internal network telemetry, physical threats, and mitigation options.

LookingGlass solutions are highly scalable to fit any size organization and level of security operations sophistication and maturity. Some organizations may want to start with threat data feeds. Others, as they begin integrating multiple threat feeds look for a threat intelligence platform to help. That data or intelligence is then run through mitigation products such as SIEMs, firewalls and LookingGlass mitigation solutions to stop threats. Organizations may choose to augment some of their security operations with threat intelligence analysts and services.

Our History

LookingGlass DNA and solutions are uniquely and strongly rooted in a deep, rich understanding of global Internet risks and activity. For example, our Scout line of threat intelligence is developed by taking over 140 sources of threat data which are gathered, ingested, aggregated, normalized, enriched and analyzed to create threat intelligence. It is then layered on top of continuous monitoring and assessment of global Internet intelligence risks and activity for the ultimate threat visibility and understanding. From this perspective, organizations can understand risks and threats to their public facing infrastructure and that of their partners, companies in their industry, and frankly any organization.

The LookingGlass Advantage