Aeonik Security Fabric seamlessly detects and mitigates suspicious behavior.



Unrivaled Visibility, Response, and Management of
Digital Business Risk

Diagram of Looking Glass Cyber Threat Intelligence Platforms and Services


Understand adversarial motives with tailored threat modeling to prevent future attacks. scoutTHREAT™ is a powerful digital threat intelligence platform developed by threat analysts. Its built-in security tools amplify intelligence tradecraft, scores threats, and aids analysts in gap analysis for actionable intelligence.


Don’t let a third party’s breach become yours. Use our scalable, risk-focused cyber solutions to manage and mitigate third party cyber risk. This continuous monitoring software provides visibility into third party cyber hygiene so your team can take action before a third party’s breach impacts your organization.


24/7/365 managed information security monitoring. Our analysts continuously scour the surface, social, and Deep and Dark Web for indicators of compromise, protecting your organizations network and confidential information from cyber risks like malware, phishing, and ransomware.



The Silent Threat:
Third Party Cyber Risk

As companies rely on an ever-widening web of suppliers and third party providers, cyber risks and attacks are multiplying. The LookingGlass® Third Party Risk Monitoring service identifies threats to your IT assets and data so you can stop breaches in their tracks.

The Round the Clock Third Party Advantage

In this webinar, LookingGlass Product Manager, Brandon Dobrec and Security Ledger Editor-in-Chief, Paul Roberts will discuss what you need to assess vendors in the modern cyber environment, providing you with the right map to assess your external risk.




LookingGlass’ origins map back to government intelligence and tradecraft. We have been building upon that pedigree for 20+ years in the commercial sector, investing in our people, infrastructure, systems, and applications.


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View global threat activity — infections, live attacks and botnets — in real time.